KELVIN BLEDSOE | Former U.S. Army Commander | Black Hawk Down & Somali Pirates | Mombasa Relief | Amazing Storyteller

Mr Bledsoe is the Field Support Supervisor for PSC. He oversees over 100 licensed security professionals, supervises security protocols of properties and facilities. He served 29 years active and reserve military duty in the US Army as Communications, Public Affairs, Anti-terrorism and Cyber–terrorism Officer. He served as a Commander in Somalia under recently deceased, Commander-in-Chief, President George Bush Sr. His experience includes being involved in the Black Hawk Down rescue initiative as well as the efforts needed during the attacks from the Somali pirates. He commanded 2 companies with over 500 soldiers and their families. His tours/deployments include Texas, Germany, Arizona, Somalia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Georgia, Egypt, Philippines, and Kenya. He retired as Lieutenant Colonel in 2013. Below are notable achievements.

  • Served as Program Coordinator in the Community Action Division for Palm Beach County, FL
  • Former Service under recently deceased, Commander-in-Chief, President George Bush Sr
  • Former Officer involved in “Black Hawk Down” Rescue Initiative
  • Former Command Duty Officer for Army Global Network Operations Center
  • Awarded Presidential Service Medal in support of Hurricane Katrina
  • CoFounder & Vice President/Education Chair of the Mombasa Relief Initiative
  • Former Chief Operating Officer of Together-4-Families
  • Former Senior Director of Community Development for the Urban League of Palm Beach County
  • Life Member – Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc
  • Master of Science (MS), Counseling, Marriage and Family from University of Central Texas
  • Bachelor of Arts (BA), Communications, Radio TV and Film from Northern Illinois University


Mr Bledsoe is married and his children are grown. With his wife, and best friend, at his side, he appreciates the value of great relationships. Through every life experience and exploit, close friends and brothers have been formed.

It is no surprise that he is an expert team builder and leads people to understand that their is strength in forging unified, harmonic relationships. He has helped countless organizations, businesses, people and families to build or re-build fortified and strategic bonds that are needed to accomplish goals. His tireless efforts lead him from stages to conference rooms, from America to Africa, and from advising world leaders to counseling families. In his servitude, he holds fast to the simple truth that a great plan can only be appreciated when it is put into practice and refined through fiery trials and experience. He brings strategy together with execution and drives people to actually “do something.” Yet, those that experience his guidance quickly discover that he genuinely cares about them. He is compassionate and compelling at the same time which is a predominant blend found in a true leader.

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