DAVID MALUTINOK | Executive VP & COO for HOPE Worldwide | Former Interim CEO for Habitat for Humanity Great Britain

David is an highly experienced public speaker and a leader in both, the business world and the non-profit sector. With years of executive management in his background that includes everything from an oil company to a non-profit organization providing homes for the poor and needy, he has a vast array of talents and skills. He served as Senior Director & Interim CEO for Habitat for Humanity International, Great Britain, where he managed financial functions for four area offices and seventy national organizations. His participation consisted of managing disaster response initiatives and being directly responsible for the Haiti earthquake financial reporting and strategic planning. He is skilled at fundraising and he was responsible for the global internal controls environment. He possesses expertise at strategic planning, cross functional team leadership, senior management, finance, and much more.

David currently serves as the Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of HOPE Worldwide. He has served as President of Lexington Strategies, President of the National Council for Adoption, and as the Chief Financial Officer for HOPE Worldwide. He is able to speak on many topics including management, finance, business development & planning, program management, strategy, and more. He can also address human relationship and human development topics such as marriage, parenting, education, or many other issues. In the next few months, he will speaking to leaders on the topic of social justice but he has spoken on many other topics in the past. Here are just a few of his accomplishments.

  • Executive Vice President & COO of HOPE Worldwide
  • Former Senior Director, International Finance & Internal Controls and Interim CEO for Habitat for Humanity, Great Britain
  • Former President at Lexington Strategies
  • Former President of the National Council for Adoption
  • Former CFO for HOPE Worldwide
  • MBA, Management and Economics from Marshall University
  • BSBA, Accounting from West Virginia University
  • Former Minister of Boston Church
  • Former Board Member of the Brain Injury Association, GA


David has been happily married to his wife for over thirty eight years. They have children including having adopted a daughter from China and are able to speak on adoption matters. They have experienced the unimaginable, as parents, when their son suffered a traumatic brain injury as a result of a motorcycle accident. As a former board member for the Brain Injury Association (GA), Dave can provide a unique perspective to parents and family members who have suffered the emotional and psychological anguish related to the injury of a loved one and topics related to the recovery process.

David has many years of experience in leadership positions and will also be able to address topics on work-life balance. He understands the importance of managing professional duties while being careful to not neglect personal responsibilities outside of the workplace. He is a man of integrity, strong work ethic, and a natural leader. There are many topics that he is able to speak about in various venues and with diverse audiences.

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