CHRISTIAN RAY FLORES | Entrepreneur | International Pop Star | Co-Founder of Third Drive | Award Winning Marketing & Media Expert

Christian Ray Flores is co-founder of Third Drive, an integrated venture development company. He is a leader, entrepreneur and award winning marketer. His story is rooted in humble beginnings. At age 4 his family was in a refugee camp in Chile after a violent military coup in fear for their lives. From these perilous circumstances Christian Ray Flores rose to a remarkable life and work in Latin America, Europe, Africa and the US.

Christian graduated with a Masters degree in Economics from RUDN University in Moscow, Russia, speaks four languages and has a diverse international background having lived and worked in Latin America, Africa, Europe and the US. Christian started two entertainment companies and a marketing company before co-founding Third Drive.

He founded his first entertainment company at the age of 24. As an international recording artist in Russia, and became an instant success, playing to large crowds in the mid nineties. Back to back top-ten hits culminated into his number-one single, “Our Generation”– an anthem of freedom and change. It became the anthem of Boris Yeltsin’s election campaign, which culminated with the ultimate defeat of the Communist party.

He had significant success as producer who launched the careers of several successful entertainers. It also led to award winning work in marketing and the founding of two other companies – Hollywood World and Third Drive Media.

Christian has a passion for Christian ministry and service to the poor, and serves as leader of “Tribe” in Austin TX, a successful, dynamic and innovative ministry concept. He has inspired audiences all over the world as a Christian leader and philanthropist, being involved in non profit work for over 20 years, serving the poor in Eastern Europe, Latin America and Africa.

Some accomplishments are below.

  • Co-Founder of Third Drive
  • Founder of Hollywood World
  • Former Executive Director for Latin America of HOPE Worldwide
  • Former National Director for Positive Choice
  • Founder of MF Pro
  • Number 1 Hit Pop Artist in Russia
  • Called On to perform for Rock the Vote Russia on behalf of President Boris Yeltsin
  • Executive Director – Video Producer – Volunteer – Fan of HOPE Worldwide


Christian Ray married Deb de Flores in 1999 after meeting her during a Christian conference for entertainers in Los Angeles, where Deb worked as a production manager for for MTV, Universal Studios, and VH1, as well as serving in Christian ministry. They have three daughters: Diana, Violetta and Isabella Flores.

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