MARK MALKOFF | Comedian | Persistence 360° Host | Featured on CNN, TODAY Show, GMA, CBS Sunday Morning, Fox News, & NPR

Mark Malkoff is a NYC comedian, podcast host, and expert in persistence. Mark and his comedy videos showcasing his persistence have been featured on the “Today Show”, “Good Morning America”, CNN, Fox News, and NPR’s “Weekend Edition”.

Mark gained worldwide media attention for his digital project in which he lived and slept in an IKEA store for an entire week. “Mark Lives in IKEA” won the PR Week Campaign of the Year. IKEA told Mark his project was the most publicity IKEA had gotten in the history of the company in the U.S.

Mark has partnered and hosted videos for brands such as Skype, Microsoft, Disney, Ford, PlantFusion, Asus, PayPal, US Cellular, IKEA, Kodak, Jaguar, National Car Rental, and Nestle.

An expert in persistence, Mark is the current host of the podcast, “Persistence 360°”, in which he speaks with top achievers about how they overcame great obstacles through persistence to achieve their goals and dreams. Guests include Oscar winning composer Alan Menken, Peabody winning journalist Soledad O’Brien, and EMMY winning actor Michael Emerson. Mark also shares his own personal stories of persistence. Mark and his guests give listeners valuable tips on how to persevere in order to make things happen.

Mark’s videos have been covered in Fast Company, Wall Street Journal, Adweek, The Guardian, Business Insider, USA Today, Boston Globe, and the Washington Post. His persistence themed videos include:

• For Skype’s 10th Anniversary they had Mark talk over Skype with 162 countries.

• Netflix celebrated Mark’s video, “Netflix Challenge”, by flying him to the Netflix headquarters where Netflix declared it, “Mark Malkoff Day “ and being greeted by Netflix CEO Reed Hastings.

• “Apple Store Challenge” received over 1 million views in which Mark showed that individuals could do nearly anything in an Apple Store by successfully bringing a goat into an Apple Store in NYC.

• “171 Starbucks” had Mark visiting and consuming purchases at all 171 Starbucks locations in Manhattan in less than 24 hours.

• “Mark Lives on an Airplane” showcased Mark getting over his fear of flying by living on a commercial airplane non-stop for 30 days straight, which set a Guinness World Record.

• Anderson Cooper had Mark on his CNN show for his video, “Carried Away” in which to disprove the myth that New Yorkers are rude, he got 155 individuals to physically carry him 9.4 miles through Manhattan on the coldest day of the year.

• Mark partnered with Ford Motor Company for “Keys to the City” in which he traveled around the country attempting to convince U.S. mayors to present him with their key to the city, resulting in Mark being presented 95 keys by mayors.

• “6-Pack Abs Challenge” featured Mark attempting to get 6-pack abs in a month. This required Mark eating 330 hardboiled egg whites in a month and losing 16.8 pounds. Mark successfully got 6-Pack abs in 28th day.

He has hosted videos for the Weather Channel, MSN, The News Literacy Project, and Mashable. Mark also hosted and executive produced his own pilot, “Question Mark”, for TruTV, which was owned by Turner.

Mark is known for hosting the Webby nominated podcast, “The Carson Podcast”, on Apple Podcasts about famed late night host, Johnny Carson. Guests have included Carol Burnett, Neil Patrick Harris, and Mel Brooks.

He has spoken on his expertise of persistence and perseverance at VidCon, Ignite NYC, TEDx, New York University, and The Influencers.

Below are just a few of his accomplishments.

  • Host, Writer and Producer of Carson Podcast and Persistence 360
  • Comedian, Writer and Filmmaker, Mark Malkoff LLC
  • Former Creative Content Professional with Edelman
  • Former Host and Executive Producer of TruTV pilot “Question Mark” for Turner (Turner Broadcasting System, Inc)
  • Former Host, Co-Director, Producer and Writer with The Weather Channel
  • Former Host and Comedian for Mashable
  • Former Host and Comedian with Disney Parks & Resorts
  • Former Host, Co-Writer and Co-Producer for Skype
  • Former Writer, Producer, Director and Host with My Damn Channel
  • Former Audience Coordinator with The Colbert Report


Mark lives in New York City with his wife, Christine.

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