STEVE RANKEL | Simplifier, Strategist & Storyteller | Author | Sales and Customer Fluency Specialist

Steve Rankel is a simplifier, strategist and a storyteller who helps leaders, businesses, founders, C-Level executives and revenue owners to sell more by becoming “Customer Fluent” – uncovering the simple message that matters most to their ideal customers. He is also the author of Finding the Elusive Killer Value Proposition: The KVP Toolkit as well as writing multiple white papers on messaging, positioning, marketing and revenue generation.

Steve assists companies in identifying their “secret sauce” which are the things that customers love about them as well as the magic words and/or stories that helped them to win over their best customers. Then he helps them build a strategy to get that exact message out to the market and win over even more customers just like their best ones. This process has allowed Steve to multiply the revenues of various companies.

As an expert in marketing and advertising, Steve speaks about how customer value stories are the most compelling social proof you can offer. He explains how they are the only thing that convinces a prospect that what you are saying isn’t just a sales pitch. And, he trains you on how those stories can only be harvested directly from real customers. Steve teaches about how value storytelling helps business owners and leaders accelerate growth by uncovering and unleashing customer value stories.


“Steve is the type of guy that can move mountains. He is one of the most intelligent professionals I know in the marketing world. Consider yourself lucky to have the opportunity to work with Steve.” Jon Cross

“Steve was able to deliver an amazingly effective messaging strategy and positioning statement. I have also used Steve as a guest lecturer within my business planning and business strategy classes. He’s both knowledgeable and entertaining, which makes for a great learning experience.” Manassah Bradley, Goldman Sachs

With a unique perspective, Steve’s insight is based on years of research which resulted in the belief that many companies do marketing and sales today in a way that is fundamentally broken: they flood the market with “stuff” – content, elevator pitches, value propositions – invented in a conference room and totally unrelated to anything a buyer really cares about. Without help, this leaves many business leaders wondering why their marketing or sales efforts come up short.

Steve is well known for his favorite saying, “Anything that doesn’t come from a customer’s mouth is nothing more than an educated guess.” He continues to inspire growth in customer fluency and sales for many businesses and leaders. Below are just a few of his accomplishments.

  • Author of Finding the Elusive Killer Value Proposition: The KVP Toolkit
  • Principal and Chief Storyteller at Value Storytelling
  • Community Organizer of Cusomter-Led Movement
  • Advisory Board Member at SlapFive
  • Former Advisory Board Member at The Association of International Product Marketing and Management (AIPMM)
  • Former Head of Strategy & Research with Buyer Persona Institute
  • Former Chief Strategist & Marketing Consultant with MaidPro
  • Former Contributing Speaker & Thought Leader (Jigsaw) with Salesforce
  • Former Principle Consultant with Product180 LLC
  • Former Senior Product Manager with Nuance Communicatons
  • Former Marketing Consultant with Business Kinetics Inc.
  • BS, Marketing & Information Systems from Clarkson University
  • Volunteer, Donor for HOPE Worldwide
  • Marketing Strategy, Donor Marketing for Big Brother Big Sister Foundation Inc.


Steve genuinely loves helping people both professionally and personally. He is a devoted family man and friend. Steve survived an unfortunate accident which required major life changes yet he continues to push forward and help others.

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