TonyWHOA! | Anti-Bullying Speaker and Activist | Christian Rapper | Author | Performer, Artist, Songwriter, Audio & Video Producer

Anthony Devon Wallace II, known as TonyWHOA!, is an American Christian Rap recording artist, poet, and record producer. He is the co-owner and founder of 5th Eye Music an independent Christian record label and founder of the Christian Rap Family Reunion. To date, he has released 11 studio albums, five mix tapes and recorded several albums for artists like Simple’, YSG Timothy, Nuborn the F.I.R.E.W.A.L.K.E.R., King David Tha Vessel and more. “We make theme songs for lonely superheroes to grow to”, says Tony.

Tony is also a speaker and activist for anti-bullying. He is passionate about challenging people and even organizations or business professionals to step up and speak out. Although speaking about bullying at school is a common theme, Tony understands the culture of fear created by workplace bullying or even corporate level bullying. Much of his music reflects his love for healthy relationships with respect to all people regardless of social, cultural or professional differences.

TonyWHOA!’s solo debut recording, Metamorphosis, was released in 2002 through a joint venture between 5th Eye Music and Jammalott Records. As a guest artist on the Jammalott Power 12”, he was selected for a nationwide song project by Christopher Moon. Moon, who discovered a 16-year-old Prince in the 1970’s wrote, Colors, a song for the first anniversary of September 11th. Moon handpicked one artist from each of the fifty states to record fifty versions of the song. TonyWHOA! was chosen to represent Indianapolis, Indiana. Soon after, he became the first rapper to flow at Al and Tipper Gore’s Family Reunion Conference at Vanderbilt University.

His second album, Rapper vs. Poet, released in 2003, earned him a WHTJ Joy Award and a spot as course entertainment for the One America 500 Mini Marathon. After meeting singer-songwriter, Simple, and marrying in 2005, the two became co-owners of 5th Eye Music and churned out several more projects. His 5th release, Anti World Premiere, took him from national to international notoriety. The first single, In Us We Trust, whose video was filmed by Trinity Broadcasting Network was broadcast in 16 countries around the world.

2010 brought his 7th studio album, Meaning of Go, and a blessing in becoming a brand ambassador for Giorgio Brutini footwear. After meeting Boomer, the Indiana Pacer’s mascot, at a community event. He wrote and produced, Boomer Boom Tat, the theme song for Boomer’s mid-game dunk shows which is still heard to this day.

The 8th album, A Day in the Walk, brought forth the Gas Money Tour. Wallace, who due to the what is now a problematic disconnect between artists and churches, ministers and venues, monies and motives, was moved to offer a solution to the issue of quality vs. quantity and ministry vs. entertainment. It was Tony’s God-given goal to make sure that artists with pure hearts and Kingdom minds could easily, and feasibly connect with ministries and churches that were of the same, thereby building relationships and advancing the will of God.

After seeing the success with the Gas Money Tour, he decided to give his music away for free. Album 10, Cold War, being the first. This album was subtitled the Anti Bully Machine which spawned the hashtag #IamTonyWHOA. This album was full of songs aimed at building the self-esteem of old, new and soon to be bullying victims. Wearing glasses since the age of two gave him the idea to start off with a glasses campaign of big-eyed selfies. He was joined by artists Simple’, Michelle Bonilla, MC Till and many more with an honorable mention going to someone posing as X-men member Cyclops.

In 2018 TonyWHOA! worked on videos for number 11, We Accept E.B.T. (Everything But Truth). As well as his second and third books of poetry, The Lonely Super Hero Volume 2 and Words of WHOA! Volume 1.


“TonyWHOA! has a unique style that is effective in getting the message across.” – Rick Jamm, JamSphere

“Tony is a man after God’s own heart. He is dedicated to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ by using all the gifts and talents that God has given him. Tony is not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ, and is a true example for all.” – Alita M., Marketing Consultant, Social Media Manager, Graphics Pro & Musician

“Tony a true professional, funny and knows how to run a sucessful business with friendship, understanding, forgiveness and uncanny knowledge.” John Jowers, Owner, Promoter and DJ at Wildcat Radio

Below are just a few of his accomplishments.

  • Anti-Bullying Speaker and Advocate
  • Christian Rap Recording Artist
  • Artist, Songwriter, Audio & Video Producer for 5th Eye Music
  • Author of The Lonely Super Hero Volume 1: The evolution of thoughts of an African-American man
  • Discography – WW1: Metamorphosis 2002
  • Discography – WW2: Rapper vs. Poet 2003
  • Discography – WW3: The Mixtape 2004
  • Discography – WW4: The Soft Album 2006
  • Discography – WW5: Anti World Premier 2007
  • Discography – WW6: Best of TonyWHOA! 2008
  • Discography – WW7: Meaning of Go 2010
  • Discography – WW8: Electric Car 2011
  • Discography – WW9: A Day in the Walk 2013
  • Discography – WW10: Cold War 2015
  • Discography – WW11: We Accept E.B.T. 2017
  • Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis 2010-2013
  • University of Phoenix – Indianapolis Campus 2006-2008


Tony is happily married to his wife who is also a very talented singer and rapper.

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