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Stephen Staten is an Organizational Health Consultant, Trainer and International Speaker. He is also the author of “The Art of Breakthrough: Collaborating on Audacious Undertakings.” He is a proven leader at organizational health and development as well as serving as a conflict resolution specialist and organizational coach. He has documented success at assessing the adequate and practical solutions that will bring the best out of organizations. He could be considered a type of institutional physician and is adept at converting the individual and collective talents of any organization into creative and productive momentum. A subject matter specialist on organizational breakthroughs, Steve describes himself as “a blend of engineer, history buff, and curious investigator.” In recent years he became awestruck at patterns discovered in sudden bursts of progress where small and big groups suddenly put it all together and did big things.”

Steve is highly skilled at probing an institution’s culture, roles, and relationships for a dynamic analysis, giving attention to relationships, systems of roles, and impediments to progress. He provides growth training, developing learning organizations with “systems” approaches. He has served as a conflict specialist since 1988, including assessing and aligning multi-site, cross–cultural churches in Hawaii, California, Florida, Montana and Washington, as well as assessing HOPE Worldwide, an award-winning global charity. He has educated staff, provided small group training, directed teaching programs, executed problem solving expertise and oversaw international conferences.

Steve’s early professional life began at Fermilab in 1979 and spans nine years in engineering, where he worked with high energy, sound, radar and computer design. He also has experience working as a computer technician. As a systems analyst for JMB Realty, he developed an in-house GUI similar to early Windows and Apple interfaces. As a programmer for Analyst International Corporation, he programmed Intel chip sets in addition to programming with Unix, C and Assembler. With Industrial Design Enginnerring Association, he served as a computer engineer designing PC compatible, computer apparatus for grain elevators.


* “The outcome, which Steve was able to facilitate, was not only consistent with our organization’s values, but it created a platform for internal collaboration, communication, and quickly enabled us to address outstanding challenges.”

* “We felt a deep sense of relief and confidence due to the trust and devoted focus that the Staten’s (Steve and his wife) provided.”

* “Their approach and method helped us to not only figure out what to do for the immediate needs, but they also helped us to look at long-term solutions that has helped us, a year later, to continue to move forward in a unified manner.”

* ” His desire and encouragement to us here in South Florida is that we learn the dynamics of conflict resolution so that we can be equipped for any future conflict situations that may arise.”

* Trilingual Mediation Training Workshop
* Consultation for HOPE Worldwide
* Consultation for HOPE India
* Onsite Consultation in South Florida
* Transforming a Media Entity
* Bridging International
* Onsite Consultation in Los Angeles
* Co-development & Concurrent Leadership Summits in Chicago-Singapore
* Onsite Consultation in Hawaii
* Diversity Seminar and Town Hall Meetings in Georgia

Steve was the primary trainer for approximately 120 business professionals and ministers that met in South Florida from the Caribbean, as well as North, Central and South America for a certification workshop, “Peacemakers, Bridge Builders and Healers.” He provided consultation services for the executive leadership team and the board of a global, award-winning charity when they were experiencing dysfunction during a long planned transition of the CEO and Board Chair. He also developed an investigation team and oversaw a team to look into problems in orphanages and homes for HIV+ women. Those are just a few of the many ways Steve has served to build, train and develop institutions to bring healthy outcomes.

Below are just a few of his accomplishments.

  • Founder, Organizational Health Consultant, Trainer and International Speaker
  • Author of The Art of Breakthrough: Collaborating on Audacious Undertakings
  • Former Conflict Specialist for Various Large Christian Organizations
  • Former Technician at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, (Fermilab) a U.S. Department of Energy national laboratory dedicated to exploring high-energy physics
  • Former Senior Systems Analyst with JMB Realty Corporation
  • Former Software Consultant with AIC
  • Master of Arts (MA), Conflict Management from Lipscomb University
  • Master of Arts (MA), Theology/Theological Studies from Wheaton College
  • Bachelor of Science (BS), Electrical Engineering Technology from Northern Illinois University
  • Just Culture Champion, Outcome Engenuity


Steve is happily married and able to speak on other topics including marriage, parenting and relationships.

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