LYNNE GREEN | Faith-Based Speaker | Women’s Ministry Leader | International Church Planter

Lynne attended Duke University and Tufts University in Boston, where she graduated cum laude in 1982 with a degree in Biology and Anthropology. For the last 35 years, Lynn and her husband, Scott, worked with church ministries all over the world, particularly in China and Hong Kong where they lived from 1987-1997. After overseeing the Hong Kong church’s growth from a house church to a congregation of over 2000, the Greens began leading in Seattle Washington, developing the local congregation and consulting with church leaderships in the Northwest and China. Inspired to continue her growth and exploration of cross cultural challenges, Lynne received a Masters in Communication and Leadership from Gonzaga University in 2013. Lynne then set out on a new adventure when she and Scott relocated to Berlin, Germany to assist in the revitalizing of the congregations in Western Europe. She loves the challenges of new adventures including learning a new culture, language and enjoyed serving the people of Berlin.

For more than fifteen years, she served on the board of HOPE worldwide, an international charity for the world’s poor. Lynne is an exceptional speaker who has years of experience and can command the attention of even the largest audiences. Lynne also is passionate about developing specialized women’s ministries, training younger women in full time ministry, and is a popular international speaker at Christian women’s events. Here are a few of her accomplishments.

  • More than 35 years of Experience at Church Plantings
  • Co-Oversaw the Hong Kong church’s growth from a house church to a congregation of over 2000
  • Co-Lead the Church in Seattle Washington, Developing the Local Congregation
  • Relocated to Berlin, Germany and Assisted in Revitalizing Congregations in Western Europe
  • Masters in Communication and Leadership from Gonzaga University
  • Graduated Cum Laude with a degree in Biology and Anthropology from Duke University and Tufts University in Boston
  • 15 Years Service as Board Member of HOPE Worldwide, International Charity for the World’s Poor
  • Decades of Experience as an Inspirational and Motivational Speaker


Lynne Hembree Green was blessed with her husband, Scott, and the two of them shared a life full of cross-cultural experiences. Their two children, Stephen (30), and Ariel (28), were both born in China and raised in a bilingual environment. The whole Green family is Cantonese-speaking and loves returning annually to Asia to brush up and renew church relationships. Lynne was originally raised in rural Kentucky. Lynne’s studies focused on successful adjustment for the professional traveler in a new language and culture as well as happy family adjustment. She has a passion to help sojourners enjoy and grow through the challenges that cross cultural exploration brings.

Lynne also serves locally—with her two active sheep-herding border collies—at Seattle’s Overlake Hospital, providing weekly pet therapy for the convalescing. At home, she still enjoys hospitality and baking, combining her love for traditional southern cooking and exotic Asian cuisine. Now adding amazing cuisines from all over Europe!

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