DOCTOR DOUGLAS JACOBY | Adjunct Professor | International Bible Teacher of Theology & Apologetics | World Religions Expert

Dr Jacoby is an international Bible teacher and intellectual. After serving as a minister on church staff for 20 years, in London, Birmingham, Sydney, Stockholm, Philadelphia, Indianapolis, and Washington DC, he has worked as a freelance teacher and consultant. He has spoken, written, recorded, video taped, taught and debated such topics as the existence of God, religion of Abraham, evolution, religion of peace, Jesus myth or messiah, rationality of Christianity, apologetics, theology, society, world religions, and is sought after as a subject matter expert on numerous topics. After completing his Masters in New Testament from Harvard Divinity School, Douglas was recognized as evangelist, serving as a church staff member from 1983 to 2003. By 1986, his international teaching trips commenced and he published his first book, Advanced Christian Training. In 1992, the Jacoby family relocated to the United States from Sweden and Douglas began the international teaching ministry. He was recognized as international teacher the following year. Douglas had a vision for an international teaching program in 1994. The first annual international teachers’ seminar was held in London in 1995 and a ministry teaching program was founded that same year. Douglas was also appointed teacher in the UK, India, Indonesia, Singapore and Australia. Some time after receiving his doctorate in ministry, Dr Jacoby launched an independent teaching ministry and later founded the Athens Institute of Ministry (150-hour diploma program with students in 30 nations). He also became an adjunct professor (M.A. in Bible & Theology) at Lincoln Christian University.

Douglas has written many books including:

* Compelling Evidence for God and the Bible
* Origins: the Ancient Impact and Modern Implications of Genesis 1-11
* Answering Skeptics: Sharing Your Faith with Critics, Doubters, and Seekers
* Campus Core: How to Have an Impact in Your Campus, Get Good Grades, and Figure our Your Future
* Till the Nets Are Full
* What Happens After We Die?: The long-neglected biblical teaching on what happens after death
* A Quick Overview of the Bible: Understanding How All the Pieces Fit Together
* When God is Silent: the Problem of Human Suffering
* What’s the Truth About Heaven and Hell?: Sorting Out the Confusion About the Afterlife

Below are a few of his accomplishments.

  • Adjunct Professor of Apologetics & World Religions at Lincoln Christian University
  • Principal Teacher & Founder of Athens Institute of Ministry
  • Author of 30 books
  • Recorded 700 Podcasts
  • Certificate in Christian Counseling, AACC
  • Served as Evangelist and Teacher for the British Commonwealth
  • Doctorate Degree in Ministry from Drew University
  • Postgraduate study, New Testament, at University of London
  • Master of Theological Studies, New Testament, from Harvard University
  • Summer Term at Oxford University
  • B.A. in History from Duke University
  • Served as a Chaplain for a local hospital


Dr. Jacoby and his wife are happily married and both are capable speakers. He and his wife, Vicki, reside in the Atlanta area and they have three adult children. He is the Director of the annual Biblical Study Tour. He continues to teach and preach all over the world with work in 125 countries and over 100 universities.

He has engaged in a number of debates with well-known atheists, imams, and rabbis. He still serves as an adjunct professor of theology at Lincoln Christian University, Principal Teacher at the Athens Institute of Ministry, and as an author and podcaster. Since the 1990s, Dr Jacoby has also led annual tours to the biblical world.

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