DANIEL HAGADORN | Speaker | Author | Co-Founder of Preparing Kids 4 Life | Former Publicity Coordinator at Fox Family Channel

Daniel Hagadorn, as a speaker and Co-Founder of “Preparing Kids 4 Life” (PK4L), empowers parents with the right mindset so they will confidently navigate the journey of helping their children become fully prepared for life and the best version of themselves.

With years of experience and a wealth of helpful insights, Daniel is also an Author who can provide an “insiders” perspective based on years of experience in education, including vast teaching experience and research. His book, “Un-American Education”, answers the most important questions that parents ask about education. His breakthrough research stuns audiences and readers as they discover that the school system manufactures exactly what it was designed to produce: boys and girls who have been standardized into useful predictability, and who are often impeded of thinking for themselves.

Daniel has proceeded to author more books on parenting issues including “Real Hope for Special Needs Families”, “Kids n Tech: Navigating the Digital Divide” and “The Intentional Parent”. He has also spoken at numerous educational conferences, primarily because he is passionate about helping parents do “the toughest job they’ll ever love”, which is preparing kids for life.

Additionally, Daniel’s wife, Vicki, is a certified grief recovery specialist who has worked with people for over sixteen years to help them find completion with some of the deepest wounds in their lives. They often team up together to serve the needs of parents and educators everywhere. They help both parents and children to recover from grief so that they can progress towards effectively engaging in all areas of their life, thus becoming increasingly healthy and productive. He and Vicki are convinced that unresolved grief or trauma often leads to self-sabotaging behavior, even as adults that have grown up to be parents themselves.

As experts at childhood development, their programs empower parents in five of the dimensions of childhood development; emotional, mental, social, physical and metaphysical. The programs were designed to teach and mentor parents in the journey of intentional parenting. They also create a supportive network of parents, thought-leaders and mentors for those that want additional positive influence during the parenting years.

Backed by time-tested successful workshops that Daniel has given to a multitude organizations, including to churches and schools, he speaks about the topics that matter most to families. Dan is the former Publicity Coordinator at Fox Family Channel as well as formerly serving as Program Director for Brain Balance Achievement Centers, where he evaluated the children who entered Brain Balance, collaborated with their coaches to monitor progress, met with their teachers, and updated parents on their improvement.

Audiences benefit greatly from Daniel, a speaker who is thoroughly trained on a comprehensive, holistic program that has been proven to achieve measurable improvement in a child’s emotional, behavioral and academic performance. Below are just a few of his accomplishments.

  • Speaker, Co-Founder and Coach of Preparing Kids 4 Life
  • Author of Multiple Books on Parenting
  • Former Program Director for Brain Balance Achievement Centers
  • Former Teacher at El Camino Real Charter High School
  • Former Publicity Coordinator at Fox Family Channel
  • Former Assistant Publicist at Dennis Davidson & Associates
  • Clear Single-Subject Secondary Teaching Credential (Social Science), Education from Loyola Marymount University
  • BA, History from The Master’s University


Daniel and his wife live in Austin, TX and continue to mentor and help parents locally as well as wherever a need arises. Vicki also serves as the CEO for Freedom From Grief. They are available to speak together or individually.

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