Shawn Sommerkamp is a Lean Practitioner, Motivational Speaker, Product Development Life Cycle Expert and ICF Certified Executive Coach.

With 15 years-experience inside Fortune 50 technology OEM’s, and a focus on Lean manufacturing principles, Shawn’s insights into automation are well honed. Using humor and audience participation, he collaboratively engages the audience with a unique way of approaching all improvement opportunities.

Shawn’s Lightning Workshop:

Navigating Implementation Challenges in Manufacturing Automation

With technologies advancing at breakneck speed and workers aging out, manufacturers find themselves not just in need of employees, but those with a different, more advanced set of skills. Is automating more of the production process the answer? Will development of an in-house training system close the skills gap? Will profits decrease even further as employee pay sky rockets?

The audience will join Shawn Sommerkamp for a unique workshop that combines a brief TED style presentation and real-time solution exploration with audience members.

Shawn’s experience in growth methodologies, business analysis, quality compliance, and relationship management has also lead him to becoming well-versed in LEAN Six Sigma strategies with emphasis on continuous process improvement (Kaizen). Shawn is also passionate about helping other professionals achieve accelerated career growth. He lives by the motto, “Your career is not just a way to make a living, it’s a way to transform the world™.”

Shawn speaks often about the role that his core values has played in building a foundation for breakthrough career success and a lifetime of fulfillment. As an intellectual with a fantastic appetite for comprehensive and collaborative growth, he is able to speak on many topics including process automation, organizational development, efficiency, psychology, science, profitability, manufacturing and every aspect of the product development life cycle to excel.